Issues in English Language Teaching


  • Mukta Sharma Headmistress, Delhi Public School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.


: English language has evolved with time so it is required for the teaching fraternity to keep itself updated with the latest changes and happenings in the language. It is required to understand the disparity in the language taught in the syllabus and the curriculum of the language   followed in various schools.

English language had evolved as a source of change and had been instrumental in bringing the changes happening in the society in various aspects. The Indian people feel today at power with the people anywhere in the world and the credit of course is of the language which has given a lot of confidence in expression and raising issues. Indian people are now being heard at a global platform and are also a part of a lot of the top most firms   in the world. At the most of the top positions in the whole world, Indians are placed in the top most management also. Still it is observed that there are quite a few challenges which the tutor and the learner goes through while dealing with the language. The pedagogy also designs the learning of the language.


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