Psychological Trauma of War in Wilfred Owens’s strange Meeting


  • Salma M. Guest Faculty, Sree Sabareesa College, Murukkumvayal, Mundakayam, Kerala, India.


Psychological trauma, war, futility, distress, death


This paper focuses on the psychological trauma of the soldiers of the First World War and the brave efforts of the soldiers to overcome the pain and injury inflicted upon them. War is a construct to a great extent. Power and wealth leads to wars. War shook the foundations of the western world, and had enduring impacts on every aspect of human life. War produced an outpouring of literature. Much celebrated war-poets took birth from the outbreak of war and its aftermath. In addition the war brought a variety of responses from writers especially poets who saw action. Poets like Wilfred Owen not only caught the compassion of war but also addressed himself to larger moral perplexities raised by the war and were killed in action.      


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