Dream as a technique in Ben Okri’s works


  • A. Ruby Elizabeth, M.A., M.Phil. Research Scholar, Anna Adarsh College for Women, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Dreams have always served as a valuable narrative tool for authors throughout history. A character can receive some valuable wisdom from interpreting a dream, or be led astray by their unconscious imagination.With some of history’s most famous titles featuring dreams sequences. Some of the most important works on dreams in literature are as follows:
1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
2. Dreams in literature with the Iliad
3. War and Peace
4. Wuthering Heights
5. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
In the real world our dreams rarely make sense. They are rambling, incoherent and pointless. There are a ton of wonderful exceptions where an author has used a dream sequence with great purpose and flair. Some authors use dream to give insight into a characters subconscious feeling. Many authors particularly in fantasy or magic realism novels use dreams to foreshadow future events. Dreams can be used successfully to introduce symbolisms or just to insert a good laugh. Among the magic realistic authors Ben Okri is considered to be one of the prominent authors of contemporary African literature. He is one of the finest writers to have emerged from the literary terrain of Nigeria.Dreams weave their
way through all of Ben Okri’s richly evocative work. His career too has been something of a dream. Dreams are the currency of Okri’s writing particularly in his first book of poems ‘An African Elegy’, short stories and prize winning novel ‘The Famished Road’.


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