The analysis on the brave women in “switched” by Amanda Hocking.


  • Gopi. R II B.Sc. Physics Loyola College of Arts and Science, Mettala, Tamil Nadu, India.


The aspect of this paper is to present the analysis over how the author specified two brave characters throughout this novel. How they are brave enough to face each other and the society. What are the techniques that they would follow to turn their life. What are the difficulties that they would face to life in the society? How she could make her life as a pride and make others too. Author narrators this novel with lots of nuances to create interest to the readers.

This analysis passes through Wendy who is the protagonist and Elorathe brave Queen who is a biological mother of Wendy. When Wendy was six her mother slashed her with knife. Because she thought that Wendy was not her original child other than she was a monster. Then Wendy lived with her aunt and brother. When she became a mature girl, she met a strange person named Finn who is tracker from Trylle community. They have powers and own way of living. Soon Wendy knows that her life was full of lies and mysteries.


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