A portrayal of the sufferings of Dalit women in Bama’s Karukku


  • C. Suganya Assistant Professor, Selvamm Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India.


Feminism is the belief that everyone should be same, that women are people. It is not about hating men. It is tried to achieving the equality of sexes and voicing against the patriarchy domination. Feminism is not about the selfish fulfillment of women. Women have always oppressed by gender but the Dalit women are oppressed doubly in the name of gender and caste discrimination. Dalits are the lowest in Hindu caste system. Dalit women are suffering by caste, sexual assaults, rape, physical violence and domestic violence by their husbands or male in their home. Dalit women have been fighting to empowering themselves in the society as well as in their family. In order to empower themselves, Dalit writers used the writing as a tool to expose their oppressions and oppressors. Bama’sKarukku explores the sufferings of Dalit women by the upper caste men and Dalit men.


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