An Eco-Critical Analysis of William Golding’s Novel, “Lord of the Flies”


  • C. Sathya, Assistant Professor, Selvamm Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India.


A Literature and Environment studies is always known as eco-criticism. The study of relationship between literature and the physical environment is called eco-criticism. It is considered as critical aspects of literature to external nature. It is an ecological outgrowth of post structural criticism that studies human representation of nature. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, he depicts the horror of evil that dwell nowhere but inside the human beings with the help of his young characters. This paper was an attempt to study the human nature and environment. The character of Ralph, Simon, Piggy, Sam and Eric seem to signify the code of nature. They have to use nature in order to survive on a deserted island.


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