Magic Realism and Occult Imaginaries as seen in Harry Potter Series


  • Ms. Raghavi Priya. J, PhD Scholar,English Divisions, School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT deemed to be University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Occult, Myth, Magic Realism, Psyche


We are living in an era where people are fascinated with mysticism and the magical, the paranormal realm and of the sorts thanks to the rise in such literature and movies, which are centered on such themes. We also have a sect of people who follow or believe the darker side such as diabolism. This paper analysis the use of Magic Realism and Occultism in the realm of reality which is based on the reader’s imagination. The characters in this series are typical of magic realism and Occultism, they posse’s supernatural powers which are both natural and acquired and there are occult groups who follow certain rules which pertains according to the cult which they follow. This series of novels deals with the interpretation of magical elements intertwined within the human realm, dwelling on the old conundrum of life being mysterious and magical.


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