Dislocated Identity and Cross-cultural Conflict in Bharathi Mukerjee’s Jasmine


  • Dr. B.J. Geetha Asst Prof of English Periyar University Salem,Tamil Nadu,India.


The aftermath of globalization migration remains inevitable and boundaries are shrunken into transnational. People encounter certain barriers in overcoming initial accommodation of new place and culture and sustaining evolve into hybridization leads to diasporic narratives .But the process throws despicable challenges and identity passes through a lot of conflicts. Those conflicts become diasporic discourse encapsulating ethnic divergence. This transition and reality is brought out by Bharathi Mukerjee a diasporic writer in Jasmine.  Mukherjee describes through Jasmine the assimilation of the alien cultural mores and brings out that this world is not in fixities and certainties but it is always in a state of flux and all men are always touching new shores of very many panic ridden human experiences to be endowed with as for as subaltern minorities concerned.


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