Raymond Williams’ Dominant, Residual and Emergent: Cultural Materialist Perceptions


  • R. Sureshrajan Don Bosco College, Ylagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India.


Raymond William sargues that the intricacy of culture in the discourse ‘Dominant, Residual and Emergent’. Culture is really complex not only because of its modifiable processes and their social definitions which includes traditions, institutions and formations, but also because of the vigorous interrelations at every point in the process, of different and variable elements of history. He introduces a term called ‘Epochal Analysis’ that occurs when "a cultural process is seized as a cultural system” with determinate and dominant features. As a social scientist he continued, questioned, and renewed culture. He vividly explicated the radical premises of Marxism in his writings hence this article makes an attempt to give some of the epistemological understandings of his views through his discourse Dominant, Residual and Emergentin Literature.  



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