Drama as a Tool to Teach Conversational English


  • Dr Charles Godwin K Department of English School of Business studies and Social sciences Christ Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka,India.


While teaching drama in classrooms students observes very keenly on the language part and the conversational dialogues that take place among the characters.  One of the greatest challenges in teaching conversation English and the strategies is to present learners with an authentic need to implement it in the classroom. The strategy is through giving clarification on the text that we teach (the primary source). While teaching drama some of the strategies like pair tapping, debating with characters, criticizing the text and analyzing the native and foreign words used by the author improve students’ vocabulary. More importantly from a pragmatic point of view, students tend to focus more on correct function and structure when they are frequently practiced. Native speakers and non-native speakers when they communicate they must generally co-ordinate together to avoid and overcome communication breakdowns. The present research paper titled Drama as a Tool to teach Conversational English focuses on the language learning activities that could be made possible while teaching Drama in the classroom.


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