Disaster on deviating from the age old traditions By anglers in chemmeen


  • M. Renuka Asst.Professor of English, Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.


The novel “Chemmeen” by ThakazhiSivasankaraPillai is the account of the society of fishermen. Basically the novel brings out the story of a pair of lovers, it limelights the lives of the fishermen, their way of life, customs, traditions and beliefs in superstitions. The theme,Fall of Customs, is a myth in the fishermen community who survived in the coastal regions of Kerala. The society feels proud of their age old customs and traditions. They believe that the Goddess of the sea, Kadalamma is the protector of the good and destroyer of the evil. The men at sea must be courageous and honourable. The women on seashore must be uncontaminated and uncorrupted to assure the protection of their men on Kadalamma’s dangerous waters. The moment Pareekutty and Karutthamma embrace each other, Palani is drowned into the stormy sea. This proves the myth that the life of a fisherman is kept up by the chastity of his wife on the shore. This paper represents the main characters in the novel are faced disaster on deviating from their traditions.



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