Feministic Concern in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy-Man


  • A. Periyasamy, MPhil-Research scholar, Kandaswami kandar’s college, P.Velur-Namakkal, Tamil Nadu,India.
  • R. Lakshmikaandan Asst. of English Loyola College of Arts and Science Mettala- Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India.


feminism, modern literature, patriarchy, Ice-Candy-Man,


Today, feminism occupies an important place in the modern literature. The concerns of this movement, which implicit as well as explicitly question the positioning of women as  ‘inferior’ or ‘defective’(Aristotle), ‘passive’ and ‘subordinate’ in comparison to men. Feminists challenged these assumptions of women’ secondary status to the primary status of man and presumptuousness of compartmentalizing her essence as a homemaker, a mother, a stationary presence in stark contrast to the stereotypes of masculinity, male strength, wanderlust and aggression. The feminist identify the origins of this “sexist” bias in patriarchy. Bapsi Sihwa  turns the female protagonists into the moral centre, while most of the male characters in Ice-Candy-Man pulsate with a will and life of their


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