“Relevance of Intertextuality and Adaptation in the Modern English Literature”


  • Dr. Ratnesh Baranwal Assistant Professor in English, K.N.I.P.S.S. Sultanpur. Ratan Pur, Uttar Pradesh, India.


This research-paper intends to dwell deeply on the different shades and colours of relevance of intertextuality and adaptation under the light of hybridity of modern English literature. It happened to be a century of anxiety, interrogation, catastrophe and unbounded creative energy. The transfer of a literary text from the printed page to mediums like cinema, television and literary photo-texts etc. has gained a new momentum in the arena of literary studies. The phenomenon of intercross of literary texts from one medium to the other has been termed intertextuality which maintains an organic unity between the two and paves a new way of understanding the relations between two or more media and also the transgression of boundaries between them. It is the beauty of English literature which leads us to travel across these various mediums.


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