Flavours Wafting from the Mirror City: A Culinary Reading


  • Sunu Rose Joseph Lecturer of English Bharata Mata College Thrikkakara, Kochi, India


In today’s globalized world the geographical borders in food culture have largely vanished but we can still find evident traces of traditional food culture in each social group. In a cosmopolitan culture, culinary practices and nativities overlap in many instances of life, and literature as well. Food as a part of cultural identity is projected in literary works since time immemorial. This article intends to discuss the 2014 novel Mirror City, culinary writer Chitrita Banerji’s debut work of fiction, which gives explicit indications of food in its narrative to convey the core of its story; the life of a young woman who moves from Calcutta to Dhaka with her marriage in the 1970s. Aromas and flavours that take Uma back to her homeland memories are drawn in parallel to her many moments of joy; while the conflicting tastes of Dhaka are metaphorically used to portray the misfit that Uma has turned out to be in her new country. Each of the food-centred instances in the novel is pivotal in building the storyline, which also makes it a remarkable work of fiction driven by culinary moments.  


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