Redefining Sita, The Quintessential Woman Of The Indian Mythology


  • Dechen Dolkar Bhutia Assistant Professor, English Department, Sikkim Government Law College, Gangtok, Sikkim, India


 Indian mythologies have been passed down from generations by our ancestors so that it is preserved as the richest element of our Indian culture, an element that will define our identity and glorify the people who have played a crucial role in imparting the traditions that imbibe us as one. The epic Ramayana has found its way into the popular culture where authors have tried to give a different approach to the text. A feminist approach is one of the most intriguing adaptations that have left the readers with doubts regarding the concept behind Ram being the “Maryada Purushottam”. The epic has portrayed Sita to be a quintessential wife who devotes half of her life in loving her husband and the other half proving her fidelity. being banished by her husband from the kingdom during pregnancy defies the very idea of Ram being an ideal husband. Amish Tripathi’s Sita is a warrior, someone who has always voiced out her opinions since a very young age, the book explores the making of Sita into the warrior princess of Mithila. This Sita has the courage to break the royal seal, administer the kingdom. In this paper, an attempt is made to fantasize the greatest Indian epic through the perspective of Sita, an attempt to give voice to the women who have silently but efficiently played their part but somehow go unnoticed. The paper also explores the pros and cons of having a female protagonist shining out in a male-dominated mainstream art. The paper will also talk about how a woman’s virtues are not measured by her physical appearance but by her level of intelligence. Here we have a Sita who refrains from being a weak individual and tries to free herself from the clutches of Ravan without patiently waiting for her husband to come and rescue her.


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