Anita Nair's Mistress: The Fusion of Art and Life


  • D. Chitraleka, , PhD Scholar, Bharathi Women's College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Abstract: Anita Nair's novel Mistress revolves around the male protagonist Koman, a committed Kathakali artist, and his involvement with the women characters that cross his life. Koman is inseparably fused with his art, as he interprets life surrounding him in terms of his art.             Art spreads the wings of imagination and makes the individual view the world from varied perspectives.  The stimulation of the experiences kindled by the warmth of emotion intuits creation, connecting the minds of the world.  He / She no longer plays the role of an idle moralist living on the ivory tower of philosophy but becomes an activist.  Koman is an artist sandwiched between the essence of art and the impressions of it in the world of hypocrisy.  The kaleidoscope of art, with a variety of twists and turns, produces assorted patterns of man's environment, kindles his emotions to come out of the intuitive edge and promote interpersonal relationships. Kathakali is a demanding art-form, in which the artist has to strictly train his mind and body to present flexible movements and emotions. The artist has to assimilate the conditions prevailing in the world of the character portrayed and adapt himself and his mindset to suit the interests of the audience without distorting the emotional mood of the situation. The technique of Kathakali includes an extremely developed language of gesture, through that the creative person will convey whole sentences and stories.


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