Return of The Native: Reverse Migration In M V Rama Sharma’s Look Homeward


  • Mohd Shahbaz Hussain, , Assistant Professor, Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad, India


 The theme of homelessness, in-between ness, hybridity, and divided self can be witnessed in writers like Kamala Markandaya, Jhumpa Lahiri, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and others. They not only talk about the life of immigrants but are also concerned about human relationships. Some immigrants who moved too far – off lands in pursuit of the ‘American Dream’, seeking to venture in the new horizons in pursuit of lucrative careers, world classic education are now returning to their homeland. Food: Inclination towards the delicacies of varieties of culinary dishes is one another factor for their return. Emotional bonding is the strongest reason why immigrants return to India. Culture plays an important role, wherein they want their children to adapt to Indian customs and values. An immigrant obviously needs some time to re-orient himself/herself to the Indian system. Even he/she took several years to adapt to American culture. Similarly, the very decision of his/her returning back shows his/her urge for the homeland and adapting to the new changed outlook may take some time but not impossible. Manpower, intellect, natural resources already prevail only thing needed is “sense of involvement in nation building, dedication to work and uprightness in our dealings with others” (94) opines Ravi. One can witness the transformation of the self in the characters through their experience in a foreign land.


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