Struggle for Survival in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters


  • B. Bridhamani, Research Scholar, Department Of English, Madurai Kamaraj University, Palkalai Nagar, Madurai, India


struggle, oppositional, dilemma, autonomy and selfhood.


Manju Kapur‘s Difficult Daughters focuses with the longing struggle of women to set up an identity. It is about a woman who is ragged by conflictual forces and tattered apart by oppositional structures in life. The central character is caught between the dilemma of family duty and personal requirements. The novel deals on the struggle of knowledgeable young woman of middle-class against the norms of a family that treasures old values of arranged marriage. It is thus, the hunt of the protagonist for autonomy and selfhood. In this novel, Kapur deals with the lives of women, who wanted to made an identity for them during the period when India was politically unbalanced and undergoing a major historical disaster, the partition of 1947. The story progresses with three generations–Kasturi the mother of Virmati. Virmati is the main protagonist, and Ida, the daughter of Virmati.


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