Depiction of Sacrificing Women in Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence


  • S. Prabhavathy, Research Scholar, Department Of English, Madurai Kamaraj University, Palkalai Nagar, Madurai, India.


silence, disappointment, mechanically, marriage life and struggle.


The novel that long Silence deals with a married couple - Jaya and Mohan. Both of them get separated in a period of time. The title word ‘silence’ represents Jaya because she observes silence all through her married life. A unique of Shashi Deshpande is that the novel always ends with positive tone. Likewise in this novel too she ends on a note of optimism as her son, Rahul returns and Mohan promises to return on Friday morning. Jaya also learns the truth that “Life has always to be made possible.” The novel expresses the life of Jaya’s disappointment in married life and her suffering in loneliness. Deshpande describes Jaya’s married life in the image of “a pair of bullocks yoked together”. She suggests that husband - wife relationship should be like that bullocks but performing their duties mechanically. In this novel, Deshpande portrayed the problem of a woman-writer who is also a housewife. Jaya is also presented in the image of a budding flower suggesting her removal of her inner talent of creating writing from herself and suffer the boredom of life caused by household activities. As a writer, she wants to present her views and ideas to the readers but she remains mute searching into her past, struggling with her present and trying to establish a link with her future.



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