R.K.Narayan’s “The English Teacher”: An Autobiographical Element


  • Dr J Naga Madhuri Asst Prof of English, VRSEC, Vijayawada, India


autobiographical, spiritual communion, existential futility, irony, death


: R.K.Narayan, one amongst the foremost distinguished Indian novelists writing in English, brings out autobiographical part in his novel, ‘The English Teacher’. Narayan starts narrating his own unhappy story once the death of his beloved partner Rajam, impersonating himself avatar and tries to ascertain contact together with his departed wife; Narayan dramatically presents the full tragedy of the untimely death of his young partner. The depth of his grief and sorrow is nakedly and deeply and movingly mirrored within the closing a part of the primary section, through describing Krishna's response to Susila's death. The second a part of the novel to the top of it describes Narayan’s own non secular expertise of holding communion with the spirit of his departed partner. Leela, although a baby, exerts her influence on her father, Krishna, by diverting and engaging his attention away from the adult world towards the world of childhood. This beneficial influence helps reconstruct Krishna's disintegrated temperament as a result of the untimely death of his beloved partner, Susila; the presence of Leela who, with her redemptive power, helps her father Krishna overcome his sense of existential inutility.


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