Commodification of Humanity


  • Smirthi Bhatt Assistant Professor of English, Christ University, Bengaluru, India.


The Dark Room’, overwhelmed, presumption, Savitri, male dominating, .etc


The novel chosen for this research is R. K. Narayana’s ‘The Dark Room’. The focal character of this novel is Savitri, a resigned housewife, who is hitched to Ramani, a representative of the Engladia Insurance Company. They have three youngsters, Kamala, Sumati and Babu. Savitri is a normal housewife of the India of those circumstances, especially overwhelmed and ignored by her better half. There is a dim room in their home where Savitri resigns at whatever point her significant other's brutality appears to be insufferable to her. Savitri's significant other has a torrid illicit relationship with a recently selected worker in his firm. Savitri finds out about it and undermines to abandon her better half's home. Ramani, in his presumption, does not pay notice to the danger. Be that as it may, the fire lighted inside Savitri is sufficiently solid to stay unfaltering on her choice and leaves after an intense fight. She attempts unsuccessfully to confer suicide by suffocating in a waterway. After a few turns, commonplace to Narayan's style, for example, taking up an overseer work in a sanctuary, Savitri, at last, can't tolerate living without her kids, so she returns, at that point, she begins choosing to live with the weight. The Darkroom is the third of Narayan's books. It is the main novel where he states that women in a male dominating society are put in a social dilemma.


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