Indian Literature: Texts And Contexts Swamy Vivekananda’s Selected Poems With Reference To Four Yogas


  • S. Selvaulaganathan M.A., M.Phil. M.Ed., The Assistant Professor, Department of English, The Madura College (Autonomous), Madurai, India


: Swami Vivekananda is socially a reformer, religiously a saint and philosophically, a seer. The Hindu society in particular and India, in general, owes much to Vivekananda in ushering in a renaissance spirit. Yoga teaches us to make matter our slave. Yoga means 'Yoke'- to join; that is to join the soul of man with the supreme soul of God. Isolation of the soul from all objects, mental and physical, is the goal of yoga. When that's earned, the soul will find that it was alone all the time, and it required no one to make it happy. As long as we have a tendency to need some other person to create America happily, we have a tendency to area unit slaves. The second stanza commands our youth ‘to resume their march’ of selfless duty. While we engage in our karma, we should not spoil or mock at the poor people’s spiritual and cultural beliefs. The one issue that's at the foundation of all evils in the Republic of India is that the condition of the poor. The poor in the west are devils; compared to them ours are angels and it is therefore so much the easier to raise his condition of our poor. Janan Yoga means the realization of God through wisdom. According to Swami Vivekananda, the soul is a circle whose circumference is nowhere, but whose centre is in somebody. He stands before the closed gates of the Goddess. If one is devoid of Bhakti his eyes will be dim and cannot catch even one ray of the bright effulgence of God. The common people struggle, cry and laugh, remaining in darkness, unlit by the brightness of Godliness. Thus a study of the four poems, “To Awakened India”, “the Hymn of Samadhi”, “My Play is Done” and “Six Stanzas on Nirvana” expounding the four yogas incorporating a unified experience of the four yogas together, bring out the depth of the Vedantic knowledge in Vivekananda.



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