Theme of Love in The Poems Of Kamala Das


  • Girijashankar Mane PhD Research Scholar Dept of Studies in English Rani Channamma University, Belagavi, India


Kamala Das, woman’s consciousness, greatness, love poet,.etc


The research paper attempts to explore the theme of love in the poems of Kamala Das. She is one of the leading female poets of Modern Indian Poetry in the English language. She is considered chiefly as a poet of love and her themes guide to women empowerment along with authentic requests for setting-up of their own entity, individuality as well as self-respect. Kamala Das in her poetry looks into a woman’s consciousness and places two aspects before her readers - first, the relationship of man and woman, the second the woman’s quest for true love. She writes poetry because of inner compulsion, a need on the part of the poet to grip with her inner problem by externalizing it in poetry. Rather the failure to find emotional fulfillment through love is central theme of Das’s poetry. Her greatness as a love poet arises from the fact that her love poetry is rooted in her own personal experience. Love is mere a dream to be sought for in the world of fantasy and myth. In her poems she also expresses her inner problems caused by marriage. She feels a sense of loss and suffocation that artefacts her, crushes her soul, her spirit, her liberty and her essence as a women.


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