Mythology as a Genre in Indian Writing- Study of Selected Works


  • Mrs. Manda Sailaja


Indo- Anglian literature is an all-India phenomenon and a recordation of Indian culture, mythology and heritage. Being a distinctive literature in its own way, Indian writing in English is also a link language showcasing India’s pluralistic literary landscape. Indian mythology is one of the enriching elements of Indian culture and made it unique in the world. This paper aims at discussing the influence of Indian mythology as a context of Indian writing in English in the selected works. Mythological characters and their portrayal in Indian literature bear relevance with Indian culture and tradition. Contributions from myths, Sanskrit literature, Vedas, Puranas and epics have influenced many authors and readers. Poets like Toru Dutt, Aurobindo, Ramanujan and Kamala Das portrayed the mythological aspects and the philosophy in their literature. Authors like Girish Karnad, Ambedkar, Radhakrishnan and RK Narayan brought out many mythological aspects through their writings. This genre also gave a vivid picture of Indian Ideology and Philosophy to the Westerners, thus proving the richness and authenticity of Indian Writing.
The characters of the Mahabharata are characters of flesh and blood, with the virtues and crimes of great actors in the historic world; The characters of Ramayana are more often the ideals of manly devotion to truth, and of womanly faithfulness and love in domestic life.
Romesh Chunder Dutt


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