An Analysis Of Mid Life Crisis In The Novel The Company Of Women


  • Vignesh S.K. Assistant professor, Sri. S. R. N. M. College, Sattur, Tamil Nadu, India


Mid life crisis is the psychological situation where one loses all his hope in life, this paper studies the psychological phenomenon which is described as a crisis brought about by incidents that highlight a person's growth, inevitable mortality, and possibly consequences of accomplishments in life. The character study of the centre character of the novel gives us the understanding about this psychological crisis which is rarely discussed, this novel has rarely been discussed in the public platform because of it’s explicit description of body parts and sexual intercourse. But the need for the study of the character Mohan Kumar in novelist khushwant singh’s novel The Company Of Women is more important as the mid life crisis has become the most discussed phenomenon recently, this study helps us to analyse the characters of the novel deeply and to explore much in terms of psychological and physiological approaches and responses to the work of literature. This study focuses mainly on the mentality of the character which makes it on interdisciplinary approach to the text as it demands the analysis using the researches and findings in human behavioral study and psychology. As the technology and science improves, the need for the elaborate study in literature becomes necessary.


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