Innovative Narrative Strategies Experimented In The Select Novels of Anita Nair


  • Dr. K .A. Agalya Asst Professor of English, Sri Vasavi College, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Dr. S. Leela Former Controller of Examinations, Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India


narration, time, past, present, relationship


Indian writers in English like Anita Nair began to take a mature view of Indian reality and handled new themes with greater clarity and confidence by experimenting new methods to express her novel ideas. Past and Present is a modest attempt, that has been made to trace the development and value of novels, taking into consideration the substantial contribution made by the characters to the clear narration of events in the novels. This paper highlights the shaping influences that contributed in the making of Anita Nair as one of the famous writers of the modern era. Feminism, free-sex, alienation, identity crisis or an individual’s struggle for freedom is some of the thematic concerns of this writer. In her novels, the appearance of the new, fully awakened woman, ready to fight against the patriarchal norms in order to live a meaningful life is a recent phenomenon. The female characters created by this novelist do not accept the low secondary status in a male-dominated Indian society that is conservative. The central theme, therefore, is the emergence of new woman in the fast changing social environment. This paper tries to explore the writings of Anita Nair in the light of the innovative narrative strategies that she has experimented in her novels. Different narrative techniques are subtly interwoven into the texture and structure of her novels.



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