Societal Approach in Arvind Adiga’s Selection Day


  • Ms. S. Annie Cutie, Assistant Professor of English, Sarah Tucker College, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India


society, selection, class, belief, talent.


Indian novelists could not remain aloof from these currents and henceforth they were not exclusively concerned with the exploration and interpretation of a social milieu, but dealt with new subjects of human existence and man’s quest for self in all its complicated situations. This shift of focus in Indian English fiction becomes clearer particularly in new literature. Among these writers one of the most popular Indian writer is Aravind Adiga a man with flawless language and great writing skill, it is no wonder that he bagged Britain’s most prestigious literary award- the man booker prize for his book “The White Tiger” in 2008. He surprised the readers by its narrative strategy and realistic presentation of the world of corruption prevalent in all realms of Indian life


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