Cultural Differences and Subaltern Consciousness in The Pakistani Bride


  • Dr. A. Bhagya lakshmi, Asst.Professor of English, Tiruppur Kumaran College for Women, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India


The Pakistani Bride is a story of women in male dominated Pakistani society.  Bapsi Sidhwa juxtaposes the cultures and races along with ironical light on the male dominance. The women characters are vividly portrayed with their physical and psychological pain. The violence on women in the Pakistani society is expressed in many episodes. The influence of cultural differences on women is also a key theme in the novel. Subaltern consciousness has been dealt through two characters. Realizing their peripheral position in the unknown culture and their plait to the native culture is well explained. The novelist has made the two characters to represent two different culture, state and profession. Their psychological experience is the same. Their decision is same but the difficulty in execution of the decision in realty has been portrayed with awesome faculty.


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