A Quest for Accord and Reliability in Countdown


  • P. Malathy Ph.D Scholar, Periyar University Constituency College, Pappireddipatti, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Dr. N. Ramesh Assistant Professor of English Periyar University Constituency College, Pappireddipatti, Tamil Nadu, India


Amitav Ghosh was born on July 11, 1956 in Calcutta and grew up in India, Bangladesh and Sirlanka. He studied in Delhi, Oxford and Alexandria and is the author of The Circle Of Reason, The Shadow Lines, In An Antique Land, Dancing In Cambodia, The Calcutta Chromosome, The Glass Palace, The Hunger Tide And Sea Of Poppies.The Circle of Reason was awarded France’s Prix Medices in 1990 and The Shadow Lines won two prestigious Indian Prizes the same year, the Sahitya Academy Award and the Anandha Puraskar. Amitav Ghosh’s work has been translated into more than twenty languages. His essays have been published in The New Yorker, The New Republic and The New York Times. He is a world renowned Indian author and novelist known for his works in English language (categories- Fiction, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction)

Countdown, a travelogue by Amitav Ghosh, deals with a panorama of things-the author’s visit to Pokharan, Pakistan and Siachan, his conversation with so many people of India, their grief and sorrow, their horrendous and horrifying experience regarding the nuclear explosion; the compulsion behind south Asia nuclearisation and a mild satire on the arrogance and dominance of politics  seldom cares for the peace and prosperity of the people.The real beauty of the book lies in its simplicity of language and the sobriety of thought which cannot help without giving jerks and jolts to the average reader. The book opens with the apocalyptic vision of the nuclear explosion tested at the Pokharan site on 11 May 1998 where the author, Amitav Ghosh, has travelled some three months later.


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