The Journey of Self Discovery in Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises


  • Dr. N. Mythili, Asst Prof of English, Sri Vasavi College, Mettunasuvanpalayam, Tamil Nadu, India


Jaishree Misra is an Indian creator. She was conceived in 1961 and experienced childhood in India, Moving to England in 1963. Her first book Ancient Promises was distributed by penguin UK and delighted in great attention over magazines and paper. As a radio writer at the BBC, She has composed and displayed segment pieces for radio 4 projects, for example, home facts and verbal. For as far back as six years she has filled in as a film arranges at the British Board of film characterization in Soho. Her resulting books incorporates Afterwards, Accidents like love and marriage, Secrets and falsehoods, The little book of sentiment and Rani. Janmandara vagdanangal is the Malayalam form of Ancient Promises, deciphered by Priya. A.S.



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