Social Convention in Tonimorrison’s Sula


  • R. Kumaresan, Assistant Professor and Head, Erode Arts and Science College, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


racism, feminism, self, society, identity.


Toni  Morrison is one  of  the  famous  authors stands for her  vivid  and clear  presentation  in the  African American literature. Toni Morrison has narrated all the events in a linear manner. Women face a lot of problems personally and socially. Women do not enjoy their freedom. Women are suppressed by men. Women are ready to face any kind of problems .But men are always keeping her under their status. They (men) are like an obstacle in the path of women .Women is never free to think in their own. In the African American society patriarchal system existed .patriarchal system means father owns a family. Matriarchal system means mother owning a family. African Women in all the ways  she could not proper  successfully .Women take  a  lot of  responsibilities .Even  a house  hold women  knows  a lot .But women hide their talents willing fully and proceed in the society . Women are mentally strong physically they weak. This paper deals about Sula in the novel Sula and her approach towards relationship in her society.


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