Search for Love in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Shosha – A Study


  • Dr. S. Sivaraja, Asst. Prof. of English, Poompuhar College, Melaiyur, Tamil Nadu, India


Isaac Bashevis Singer has emerged as one of the ajor figures in American – Jewish literature.  He is widely acclaimed as one of the most accomplished stylists and prolific writers of his generation showing remarkable versatility and range.  Singer populates his novels with ordinary people, all of whom, he comments in.  He warmly and humorously portrays a wide spectrum of fascinating yet ordinary human beings.  Singer’s view of human nature, his talent for realistically capturing generations of squabbling families, his keen ear for dialogue, and his interest in character and isolation of individual within the society are derived from various sources.  Existential predicaments of an individual’s life clearly provide not only his major sources for learning about the world as a child, but also a fertile ground for studying how people adapt themselves and endure the pain of loss and disappointment of life, and how they adjust living with others, and yet continue to live and love.  All the major conflicts and central themes of his works evolve from this concern.


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