Sociological Disparties of Shobha De's With Reference To Starry Nights, Strange Obsession and Snapshots.


  • V. Yogambal, Ph.D. Scholar (Part-Time) Sri Vasavi College, Erode, India.
  • Dr. K.A. Agalya , M Assistant Professor Of English, Sri Vasavi College, Erode, India.


          Today feministic attitudes are displayed by young females from the teenaged to forties but  after that the search for certainty and stability haunts them and single life becomes a nightmare.  In this perspective, Shobha De displays this short-time fashionable attitude which in reference to India is more imaginary than imaginative reality through her literary work. In most of her novels, De personifies the dilemma that has dogged many Indian women writers. She is always one of those modern day women authors who are now expressing themselves freely and boldly creating a new image of the woman. De endeavours to present the new woman who is daring, ambitious and aspiring and is obsessed with realizing her dreams and forcing them upon the male dominated world with a view to obtaining a due recognition of her identity. Thus Shobha De is an author of twelve books. Her works generally start with the letter 'S'. She is also renowned freelance writer and columnist for several leading newspapers and magazines. The aim of this paper is to critically analyse the perspectives of Shobha De's novel.  


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