Cyberspace: the Space for Exposure and Revelation of the Hybrid Self


  • Priyadharsini R. II MA English Literature, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Cyberspace, Hybridity, Social media, Cyber Feminism, fourth wave feminism, me too movement


Technological innovation in the previous century has provided ways to varied literary deliverances. Literature in the beginning has combined mostly with psychology and linguistics and later few other disciplines as well. Recent trend in literature had been collaborating humanities and technology, often referred as digital humanities. Women in most of the country having liberated take their shouts next levels. The first two waves of feminism that was based upon equality and rights. There was shift in focus in the third and fourth waves of feminism that had combined with internet; among them the later had much influence and affiliation with internet and social media.  The paper posits the cyberspace as a space for revelation of the self of the women and hence placing the stress on cyber feminism and stating how this platform lets them project their ideas, emotions, support and opposition. This further tries to explore the ways they have used for their discussion, debates, discourses and their protests and movements including the Me too one. It explains how this forum has rendered them an opportunity to combine as a group.


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