Women Writers in Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own


  • Ms. M. Kavitha, II MA English, Sri Sarada College for Women, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India


Literature, Women writers, Virginia Woolf, Negligence, Influences.


Literature, in its extensive view meant to be the writing formed with letters, in which the writing should possess a literary quality or distinction. Literature can be systematized into Fiction, Non- Fiction, Prose, Poetry, Drama and Short story. In this space of Literature women are neglected throughout the centuries. The majority of writers during the ancient period is only male and not the females, because the door belonged to the female society was forcefully closed by the male writers. Many women writers used the name of males in order to hide their identity. Virginia Woolf, a great American writer writes more about the sufferings and the place of women writers in Literature. Women were treated as tools in the houses of men. Women started writing Literature when they feel alone and depressed. They found Literature as their voice to speak over their pains and sufferings. So Virginia Woolf insists the female society to find the room and place of their own in this male dependent society, which should not be male oriented. 17th century is the period where the role of women writers is minimal. Many writers produced Literature without the Female characters. They found it as unwanted and also their writings are disregarded because of their inferior position in this society. Modern Literature recreated women to write all their beliefs which influenced the strugglers.


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