Dalit’s Realization in Bama’s Karuku


  • Ms. P. Megala Sorna Lakshmi, II-M.A. English, Sri Sarada College for Women, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.


Autobiography, Suppression, Embryo, Uplift, Dignity, Respect.


Bama Faustina Mary was the pseudonym of Bama who was a Tamil Dalit Feminist writer, committed teacher and novelist.  She wrote her autobiographical novel Karukku in 1992, which frames the joys and sorrows experienced by Dalit Christian woman in Tamilnadu.  She won the Crossword Book award in 2000 for her Karukku and it has been translated to English.    She was the sister of famous writer Raj Gauthaman.  Bama did her early education in her village. Karukku is the first autobiography of its type in Tamil dalit literature.  The narrator moves from the past to the present in exploring the varying diverse sets of different incidents, which have taken place in her life.  It is an influential portrayal of Dalit suppression. The Tamil word ‘Karukku’ means embryo or seed also indicates freshness and newness.  Karukku focuses on two essential aspects namely; caste and religion that cause great pain in Bama’s life.  Bama starts to lookout for means to uplift herself and her community from this trampled existence.  Education is the only way to attain equality to them.  Because they were born in the ParaiyaJati they were never given any honour or dignity or respect.  She wants to spread the message of love and brotherhood. 


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