Portrayal of Anita Nair’s Better Men in Select Novels


  • Ms. J. Sathiyalakshmi Reg.No:17222024012005 Ph. D Research Scholar, Assistant Professor of English, Aditanar College of Arts and Science Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu, India


Gender, Better Men, Human Psyche, Equalization


Gender plays an important role in human lives. God has created man and woman with no difference. But man has made so many differences based on gender. Right from the moment of first cry, the humans are taught to follow a strict code of behavior depending on their sex. The gender stereotypes forces men and women to experience life related not as human beings in terms of sex. Difference comes in the midst separating the two sectors and makes a great bias speaking of the superiority of one sex over the other. The world speaks of the equality of women over men in wide equilibrium. The concept of equalisiation of women is stressed by the feminist in large scale. In the majority of the women’s writings the centre arena of discussion is either women or the problems encountered by them in their walks of life. The key components of men and their problems expressed by women in the literature is a rare combination highlighting the greatness and positive aspects of manhood. Presenting the best side of manhood with realism is the notable traits in the writings of Anita Nair. Anita Nair, a Kerala based Indian writer writing in English has given prominence to her characters irrespective of gender. Apart from her novels Ladies Coupe and Eating Wasps, all her novels are human oriented not biased with any difference of sexism. Right from her first novel The Better Man, her exploration of the male world emphasizing their greatness is started. Her fictions convey her vision of life that is change is inevitable; with the undying hope and spirit the utmost happiness can be found. Her male protagonists resemble every individual’s attempt to better themselves in the society.  To show the better part of human psyche in terms of male protagonist of Anita Nair is the best part of this paper.



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