Pathetic Voice of Bonded Tribe Labours in Aajir


  • Ms. D. Uma Maheswari II M.A English, Sri Sarada College for Women, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India


Mahaswetha Devi is the great dramatist who always shows the sufferings and the subjugation of the people who belongs to the dalith community. She use to stay with the people and record all the incidence that they under gone through out the life to lead a basic needs on their own. Those people were also been used as a tool of doing the works as a slaves for a meger amount which is not even enough for their daily food. The author is one who shows the clear impact of bonded slavery system which is still underwent in the society of Indian dalith people. Through this drama Aajir Mahaswetha Devi shows how people discreet in the drama. Here the major characters are Paathan and Mataang these both travel around the drama there are also characters they possess the role of slavery. This drama makes us to feel the darkness of poverty from our bottom of our heart and make us attempt to fall tears. This story deals with the tribal people who belong to the region of the West Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. Though we got independence from British Government this kind of people from tribe are not left as to be independent they are used in any other way by using their innocence. This is the same thing that happens in the play.  The higher landlord uses the innocence and the situation of poverty and makes a fake bond and make them as slaves. At last this truth comes out by a protagonist that there is no bond made and then they lead the common life. As shown in the play the situation is still alive in many places of the India such incident are pictured clearly by the writer Mahaswetha Devi.


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