Resemblances and discrepancies between Sylvia Chidi’s “Pollution” and “Environmental pollution”


  • V. Keerthana. III BA English Literature Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College (Autonomous) Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Literature is the universal replication of life .“Poetry is at bottom , a criticism of life” says Matthew Arnold . Annexing to his point Sylvia Chidi’s  poems ‘’Pollution” and “Environmental pollution” are merely criticisms of how human beings blemish the mother earth solipsistically . This article will stage the similarities and differences between these two poems . Nature sacrifices itself for human needs and in turn is served with toxic pollutants , this fact is elegantly portrayed in the form of poem . Eventhough these two poems carry the same theme there are mild traits that are alike and contrast . It also deals with the theory of ecocriticism which is employed in both these poems . Apart from being a literary piece , it tries to safeguard the readers through a instructive piece of art .


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