Gamification of English Teaching and Learning


  • Abhipriya Roy M.Phil. Scholar, Dept. of English Christ University, Bengaluru, India
  • Dr. Reddi Sekhar Reddy Research Supervisor: Associate Professor, Dept. of English Christ University, Bengaluru, India


Language is our primary source of communication. It is the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. David Crystal in his book; ‘English as a Global language’ (1997) says: “A language achieves a genuinely global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country.” Earlier many learners struggled with traditional methods of learning English such as grammar translation method, which needed them to study the English language for years before using it in real life. It was challenging for learners, who were busy with work, or were less academically gifted, or could not devote years to learning the language before being able to use the language. Educators realized that to motivate these learners, they need an approach that emphasizes on the communicative ability of learners. Thus, came the Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLT). Gamification is one of the Communicative Language Teaching Approaches.


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