Breaking The Chains: An Analysis Of Shashi Deshpande’s The Binding Vine


  • Dr. Anju Bala TGT English, GMSSS, Sec 33 D, Chandigarh, India


identity, patriarchal, resistance, articulation, chauvinistic.


Deshpande is a towering figure who has highlighted the problems of women and their fettered identity in the patriarchal society. She has presented modern and forward looking women also in her novels struggling to attain their selfhood. Whereas her earlier two novels presented female characters with a cloistered self, who could not muster sufficient courage to resist the socio patriarchal chains but her next two novels, The Binding Vine (1993) and A Matter Of Time (1996) represent women with a different temperament that do not believe in silent suffering. This paper focuses on the evolution from silence to articulation in the form of resistance and protest by the mothers and more vehemently by the daughters.  The significance of the articulation of male characters has also been analyzed. However, the major characters in this novel, like earlier novels, have been women who decide to speak out against the chauvinistic attitude, dogmatic mentality and the prejudiced notions of the male-centered world.


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