Virginia Woolf’s Feminist Discourse With A Room of One’s Own


  • Dr. Durgesh Nautiyal Assistant Professor Agastyamuni Degree College Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India


The tradition of recognizing and incorporating sexuality into fiction can be traced from the period of Thomas Hardy to D. H. Lawrence. In between the works of Edward Carpenter, E. M. Forster and H. G. Wells display this characteristic, which can be seen in the respective fiction of these writers. In Hardy’s fiction it is possible to look at him as a destructive sensualist because the versions of female sexuality evolved by these writers were strictly masculine ones. It is against this background we must see the emerging feminist writer in Virginia Woolf. Being a woman writer, she never fails to present the case of the woman in her day to day life. In order to present the viewpoints she relies more on intuition than on reason. Her aim is not only to present the relations between men and women, but also those between women and women. She has chosen to ignore the social, political and economic scenario of her times and instead shown keenness in the life of nature.  

Virginia Woolf is a great creative artist in the sense that her works introduce us a unique and living imaginative world. She wanted to paint a picture of life as she it. Woolf found that the conventional novel imposed certain restrictions on the readers and that it denied the important aspects of looking at all the sides of life. Virginia Stephen was born on January 26, 1882, as


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