Gender Discrimination and Multiple Masculinities in Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel


  • Ms. S. Sharmila Ph.D Scholar, Dept. Of English, Chikkaiah Naicker College, Erode -638004, Tamil Nadu, India


Margaret Laurence, The Stone Angel, Masculinity Theory, Male And Female Masculinities. Gender - Studies.


When We Speak We Are Afraid That Our Words Will Not Be Heard Or Welcomed. But When We Are Silent, We Are Still Afraid. So It Is Better To Speak. – Audrelorde


In The Present Globalised, Fast, Knowledge-Sharing World Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood And Human Unity Have All Become Inevitable Ideals To Be Practised And Brought About. However, Throughout History And In All Civilizations, The Persona Of Woman Is Understood As Well As Constructed As A Damaged, Vile And Lacking And Hence Is Distorted By Human Perceptions, Despite A Few Who Have Chosen To Excel Such Oppressive Designs. Her Very Status As A Human Being Has Long Been Inferiorized And Invisibilized Under The Overwhelming Male-Domination In The Gender System Of Patriarchy. Gender System Assigns Roles, Role For Women And Women Inclusive Of Eunuchs. Gender Is Rather A Status Designation Derived From The Physiological Aspects Link To Males And Females To Allow Individuals To Function Within Particular Social Contexts. This Has Enabled The Human World And Most Of Its Affairs As Male-Coded And Has Meted Out The Injustice Of Inequality To Women With Men Everywhere, Treating Them As The ‘Second Sex.’ Hence, It Is Also Wrongly Believed That Gender Studies Is A Concerned With Women The Victims And Not Men, The Cause, Due To Men’s Privileged Status And Albeit The Non-Visibility Of Its Privilege (Kimmel). Gender Studies Has Of Late Established Through Its Study Of Masculinity/Masculinities That Gendered Behaviour Is Not Only Harmful To Women But Also Harmful To Men As Well As The Racial And Sexual Minorities Like LGBT Community. As Michel Kimmel Explains ‘Perception Of Difference Cause Domination And Inequality’ (2007).Gender Discrimination Is A Curse, It Affects And Denies The Creation Of A Harmonious World.


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