The Theme of Alienation in Indian Writing in English


  • Mohd Rafiq Ph D Reasearch Scholar A.P.S. University Rewa Madhya Pradesh, India


Isolation, Rootlessness, Identity, Alienation, Predicament, Existentialism.


Alienation is the fundamental embodiment of loneliness and isolation which forms the theme of many sociological, psychological, philosophical and literary studies. Alienation is the major subject matter of human situation in the present era. It is legitimate that a universal phenomenon like alienation leaves an indelible percussion upon the literature of the present epoch. Actually, alienation comes up as a natural aftermath of existential dilemma both in inherent and extrinsic terms. The subject of alienation has been dealt with many angles in Indian writing in English. The isolated protagonist is a recurrent figure in much of the American and European fiction in the twentieth century. It has influenced the Indo-English literature to a large extent on the basis of socio-cultural and historical reasons. Alienation is the consequence of the loss of identity. It is the separation or displacement of human beings from their society which strengthens the feeling of powerlessness. The subject matter of alienation has become a section of ordinary language in the contemporary epoch. The theme alienation recognises a distinct type of social or sociological ill, which is one involving a problematic isolation between self and other that appropriately belong together.  It is the condition of feeling estranged from one’s milieu, work or self and it remains as an ambiguous concept with elusive meanings. This paper depicts the theme of alienation in Indo-English literature from different point of views along with basic concept of the said term. It will be portrayed by analysing the works of few renewed writers.


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