Severed Ties: The Rise of Communal Conflict During The Partition


  • Ankita Arora Ph.D Research Scholar, Author Dept. of Modern Indian Languages & Literary Studies University of Delhi Delhi, India


Partition, conflict, dispute, communal riots


Partition literature is mostly governed by narratives of violence, chaos and turbulence. The Partition was undoubtedly one of the most calamitous events of mass violence which introduced and aggravated tension between different religious communities such as Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs for years to follow and led to an endless debate and an unsolvable issue for their subsequent generations.  Till date, there have been attempts to comprehend the existence of traumatic instances of genocide in the subcontinent ever since 1947. The division also led to an unbelievable exodus. Camaraderie, relationships and togetherness went for a toss. It thus becomes crucial to analyse the expression of conflict among communities and its resulting violence which reached an unreasonably soaring level during the creation of the border.

Writers like Mohan Rakesh, Intizar Hussain, and Kartar Singh Duggal delineate the trajectory of unexpected and irreversible conflicts among various communities in their short stories. Their work is a clear reflection of the distressing impact of heightened bitterness in society.


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