Interrogating notions of homogeneity in Post-Colonial literature


  • Dr. Satyawati Ph.D Scholar chaudhary charan singh univerity New Delhi, India
  • Adhoc , Assistant Professor in English bhaskar Acharya college of applied sciences dwarka sector 2, Delhi university Delhi, India


Elite ideas, english, national allegory, homogeneity, colonial, categorization


From national bonding to international wanderings, from rootedness to peregrination, Whereas early post-independence writers, strongly tended to identify with a nationalist narrative during colonial and anti-colonial struggles and to endorse the need for communal solidarity, from the late 1980s and into the twenty-first century many writers' geographic and cultural afflictions became more divided, displaced, and uncertain. This demographic shift on an unprecedented scale was impelled by many different forces; be it anti-colonial movement, Nationalist revival, economic hardships, biased Institutional support in upliftment of certain languages in India even further problematized the Idea of Nation.

This essay is neatly divided into several sections, each providing particular insights into the notions of homogeneity in postcolonial literature. however the paper is not exhaustive but is comprehensive and aims at providing critical insights in relation to postcolonial literature. Conundrums of the orientalist's gaze, Ramifications of looking at Indian literature as a homogenized category, are described by putting indian literature at the center. The section on Approaching the Multilinguality of tradition and Methodology being used in approaching Indian literature, accentuating the lacunae further, tries to answer the most pertinent questions. The paper written can be utilised in different ways by the readers.



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