Western Hegemony over the Oriental Resources


  • Hayel Mohammed Ahmed Alhajj Research Scholars Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Abdulkader Mohammed Hassan Onin Research Scholars Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India


Western Hegemony. Oriental Resources. Raw Materials, Manpower, oil.


This paper examines the neo-occidental hegemony over the Oriental resources. It illustrates how the West established hegemonic control over the Oriental resources. Hegemony is the power or dominance that in the social group holds over other. Western hegemony over the East in this paper refers to some kinds of European hegemony and then to American hegemony. First, European hegemony can be summarized in the following: Manpower and raw materials, which were considered as the source of the industrial revolution in Europe. Second, The US emerged as the dominant economic, political and technological power in every sense of the word. It has created many conceptual bases in order to sustain its hegemonic power such as globalization, new world order and war with terror. At this point, US became a hegemon that is able to absorb the resources and oil from the Middle East. However, the Oriental naive response towards occidental hegemony is the real meaning of hegemony. 


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Alhajj, H. M. A., & Hassan Onin, A. M. (2019). Western Hegemony over the Oriental Resources. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH, 7(7), 10. Retrieved from https://ijellh.com/OJS/index.php/OJS/article/view/9233