Margaret Atwood’s surfacing: Search of the female for an Authentic Identity


  • Sherlin Smile M.A, M.Phil, SET, PGCTE, EFLU Assistant professor in English PSG College of Arts and Science Coimbatore, India


Society, gender, discrimination, suppression, feminism, new woman.


“As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world”

  • Virginia Woolf

             Gender is not an issue related to a particular sex, it is a human issue, which affects the entire society. Women struggle to assert their self, identity and equality in a society where woman is always considered inferior to man. The entity ‘society’ is created by man and he assigns roles to women and imposes different aspects of behaviour upon them where equality is never assured. Change is the only thing which is permanent, woman has a new role in today’s society.  The new woman has emerged to fight against bias and gain a position on her own. In spite of all the challenges she faces, the new woman accomplishes her mark in every field she indulges and competes with man in all areas. In Atwood’s novel, the issue of gender remains her major concern. Her characters are primarily women who are exploited by male domination Surfacing examines theme related to the politics of gender, such as enforced alienation of women under patriarchy, the delimiting definition of women as a function, the patriarchal attempt to annihilate the selfhood of women, the gradual carving out of female space by women through various strategies and women’s quest for identity, self-definition and autonomy. This paper attempts to highlight and project the protagonist of the novel, who strives hard to make herself free from male dominance to gain uniqueness


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