Trolls and Memes: Erasure of the Boundaries in Modern Literature


  • Saraswathi Binoj M.A, Eng. Lit. Dept of English Literature Stella Maris College, Chennai India


The question of what is literature has been asked by the various literary schools in the past and this quest continues even today, as is evident from the topic chosen for this seminar ‘Popular Fiction/Literary Canon: Vanishing Boundaries’.

 Over the years, from the period of the New Critics and Formalists to Structuralists to today’s Post-modernists, literature has expanded its boundaries to include classics, myths, legends, manuscripts, folklore, poems, prose, songs, hymns, fiction and fantasy; to information, documents, advertisements, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, circulars, flyers, handouts, handbills, mailshots, bulletins, blurb, notices, facts, junk mail, anime, graphic novels; to movies, film songs, news, quiz and TV programs to even architecture, sculptures and paintings. Today, we see that this list of what comes under literature is endless because from expanding its borders, literature has grown itself to disintegrate and erase its borders.


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