Cultural Conflict: Loss of Identity and Culture in Ooralikudi


  • Limna. P Assistant Professor Department of English Govt. Women’s Polytechnic College Calicut, Kerala, India


Tribals have a rich tradition and culture which is at the verge of extinction. The double colonization that the tribals in India have undergone has left them in an impoverished state.  Even today, the modernist forces try to ‘de-tribalize’ them in the name of development and progress. Tribal writers and academicians all over the country are now relentlessly working towards sensitizing the mainstream regarding tribal issues. Adivasi writers like Narayan, Hansda Souvendra Shekar, Laxman Gaikwad etc. re-appropriates through their writings, their tribal heritage and identity by rewriting the conventions of representing adivasi identity in various discourses. While reconstructing tribal history, these writers examine the repercussions of cultural encounters and how they have necessitated in an inadvertent forgetting of tribal culture. This paper is an attempt to delineate the cultural interactions between tribals and non-tribals as portrayed in Narayan’s much acclaimed novel Ooralikudi and how such interactions have accentuated in destroying the native identity and culture.


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